The use of prosthetics in the entertainment's industry is widely used in many productions. The demand can be from basic bruises and minor skin effects which can be applied with make up and sometimes build up compounds, right through to the application of silicon to make masks and features which have to be blended into the subjects body tone and colour.

Prosthetics is a very skilled job and will, in a hot studio,  require constant  attention from the floor make-up artist.

Working on the production ‘Passing Place’ Julie created many prosthetic
pieces to create a beaten man.

Other requests have been that Julie
create small pox and whip lashes for a theatre company.

Julie has recently been on a production where she was asked to created a bullet wound (see the photos to the right). These were created on set to the direction of the production crew.

Julie was involved in a short film called 'The Silence', she was required to provide
make-up changes to show a man dying of cancer near the end of his life.

So as you can see every production is different and therefore is tailored made for authenticity or for the fantasy


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