Julie is a Freelance Make-up Artist and Hairdresser working in Film and TV

Having knowledge of period and contemporary, wigs, prosthetic’s and Character Make-up.


Marvellous  Make-up & Hair Artist
Tiger Aspect for BBC 2 | Director Julian Farino | Producer Katie Swinden  Make-up Designer Sallie Adams | Featuring Toby Jones and Jemma Jones
Doctors Make-up & Hair Artist
Fast & Furious BBC | Director Niall Fraser | Producer Peter Bullock | Make-up Designer The Gordian knot Sue O’Neill.  Foreign Fields
Doctors Make-up & Hair Artist
Snowbabies BBC | Director Simon Gibney | Producer Dawn Coulson | Make-up Designer The Call of Duty Trish Berry.  Electric Dreams.
The Game  Make-up & Hair Artist
Eps 2,3,4,5,6  BBC | Director Niall MacCormick, Daniel O’Hare | Produced by Radford Neville | Make-up Designer Lesley Lamont-Fisher.
Truckers  Make-up & Hair Artist
Company Pictures | Director Sue Tully | Producer Faye Dorn | Make-up Designer  Lesley Faulkner. | Pooky Quesne l Make-up Artist.
Women of the  Make-up & Hair Artist
War of the Roses BBC2 | Producer & Director Richard Sanders| Stared Philippa Gregory
Do not disturb Make-up & Hair Artist
UK Gold With Catherine Tate and yours truly. The show is coming on January 27th 2017 at 10pm - UKTV/Gold
Zapped Make-up & Hair Artist
Zapped - Brand new to Dave from Thursday 13th October 2017, 9.40pm and catch-up on UKTV Play



The BBC2 Marvellous Trailer



Short Film CREDITS  
Eating Disorders Make-up Designer
Far North Films | Director Fionn Watts| Producer Toby Watts.
The Light Make-up Designer
Reel Issue Films | Director Simon Cookson | Producer Luke Walton and Jackie Sheppard.
Cold Warrior Make-up Designer
Wellington Films | Director Emily Greenwood | Producer Rachel Robey.
Trigger Make-up Designer
Wellington Films | Director Marcus Sheppard | Producer Rachel Robey.
The Voice In The Woods Make-up Designer
Director and Producer Andrew Rokita  

The Light (Official trailer) - Winner of The Pitch 2012 from Enter The Pitch on Vimeo.

A Monster Calls Make-up & Hair Artist
Sarah Radclyffe Production Ltd | Director J.A. Bayona | Producer Belen Atienza| Make-up Designer Marese Langan.
Arthur & Merlin Make-up & Hair Artist & SPX
Director Marco van Bell | Producers Paul Osborne & Rob  Speranze | Make-up Designer Marie Morgan.
The Confusion of Tongues Make-up Designer Unit B
Grand Independent Films | Director James Fair | Producer James Fair Peter Rudge
Royals Night Out Make-up & Hair Artist
GNO Production Ltd | Director Julian Jerrold| Producer Robert Bernstein | Make-up Designer Lorraine Hill | Make-up Crowed Designer Helen Speyer.
One Night In Istanbul Make-up & Hair Artist
Director James Marquand | Producer Krystian Kozlowski | Make-up Designer Caroline Silk.
Passing Place       Make-up Designer
Sabrewing Films Ltd | Director Daz Spencer-Lovesey | Producer Blair Barnette.
Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll Make-up  Trainee
Lipsync Productions | Director Matt Whitecross | Producer Damian Jones | Make-up Designer Jacqueline Fowler
Bronson Make-up work Experience
Red Mist Films | Director Nicolas Winding Refn | Producer Suzanne Alizart | Make-up Designer Niamh Morrison.