Make-up Artist Julie Atkins has been successful working in the film and TV industry, she has worked with some of the best and talented designers in the business.

Julie has worked on some of the most successful TV dramas and films in the business like Limehouse, Golem and Lionsgate. The recently released A Monster Calls and yet to be released Stars don't go to die in Liverpool.

She has also worked on the popular TV dramas Victoria and yet to be aired Decline and fall, Comedy's like Do not disturb UK Gold and Zapped. Julie has also worked on the BBC Let it Shine.

Julie has a very rewarding career as a media make-up artist wishing to advanced further, she loves the independence of creating something new.
“Characters to life” is Julie's passionate vision and pride.

Within the industry she has been able to work in different roles from make-up artist to designer. She is adaptable to work as an individual within a team and a leader.

She particular excels in creating character make-up, continuity, costing a budget, and working closely with a designer, director and producers.

Throughout Julie's career she as worked with different types of make-up and skin tones and applications. She has also worked on different ages, prosthetics and theatrical make-up.

She is proficient in Airbrushing, facial hair, Wigs and is a fully qualified Hairdresser.


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